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Carpet's First Christmas

In the Little Angel’s production of Sleepyhead, by Michael Fowkes, mischievous Baby made off with Dad’s magic kit. Whilst learning to use the magic wand, Baby accidentally turned a piece of his bedroom rug into a creature, called Carpet, and a new friendship was formed.

More magical accidents created chaos that threatened to turn the whole house upside down.. until Carpet helped save the day! Now it’s time for Carpet to experience all the joys of Christmas for the first time!

So catch up with Carpet, Baby and Dad for this festive episode of DAD T.V, and join them as they meet little Father Christmas and rock out to some great Christmas tunes!

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Written & Directed by Michael Fowkes
Music & songs by Mikey Kirkpatrick
Filmed & edited by Joe Greco

Performed by:
Phil Yarrow
Andy Heath
Wim Oppenheimer
Sheila Clark
Ronnie Le Drew
Joe Greco
Michael Fowkes