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Mother Christmas

Father Christmas, Santa Claus, St Nick… we think we know who’s responsible for delivering our presents on Christmas Eve. But who plots the sleigh’s route, triple checks the presents and manages air traffic control on the all-important night? Mother Christmas, of course!

The LAT News film crew have secured exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the mastermind of Christmas Eve, as she prepares for the busiest night of the year in her high-tech control centre.

When Father Christmas gets into trouble, can she and her mischievous Pixie helper rescue him in time to deliver all the presents by morning? This light-hearted and lively tale will introduce you to a new festive hero, and bring much-loved Christmas traditions careering into the 21st Century. This film will be released for free on the Little Angel Theatre YouTube channel.

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Written by Barb Jungr and Samantha Lane

Directed by Samantha Lane

Music and Lyrics by Barb Jungr

Puppets designed by Lyndie Wright

Set designed by Ellie Mills Set making support by Emma Tompkins and Jessica Shead

Performed by Gilbert Taylor and Lizzie Wort

Director of Photography Alexander Michaelis

Edited by Kimberley Mirren Capture,

VFX and Post Production provided by Studio Kix London.

Illustration by Amberin Huq.

With special thanks to Charles Ledigo and Rock and Roll Productions.