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A new retelling of the classic European folktale. Elisabeth remembers back to a time long, long ago, when three travellers arrived in her village, claiming they could make soup from a stone…

This short film features puppetry, storytelling, original music, and a specially designed ‘crankie theatre’ with scrolling paper scenery.

The first recorded publication of Stone Soup appeared 300 years ago, yet this enduring folktale has never felt more relevant, with its themes of community, resilience, generosity and cooperative spirit.

If you were inspired by the community spirit in the story, why not make a decorative nature soup using things from your garden or local park?

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Written and performed by Bronia Evers

Music and lyrics composed and performed by Martina Schwarz

Crankie theatre and shadow puppets designed by Bronia Evers

3D puppet design by Tinka Slavicek Filmed and edited by Inti Rowland

Music mixed by Dan Barnfather

Special thanks to Sam McEvoy