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Suitcase Circus

Suitcase Circus is a live globetrotting theatre performance which has graced the stage in pretty much every place you can imagine a show going on. This extraordinary menagerie is a who’s who of the world’s most talented objects.

For your viewing pleasure this special online edition of our fantastic circus of discarded things will showcase a virtuosic dancing milkshake straw, the worlds only acrobatic potato sack, the magical hat-frog Timrek the Fantastico and much much more!

All of this is cleverly tangled together by the anarchic, ringmaster-sock, Wobulous Discombobulous.

A Folded Feather production, in association with Little Angel Theatre.

Folded Feather is an innovative puppet company with an established reputation for the creation of outstanding theatre productions, socially focused communications design and high quality on-screen content.

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All amounts are welcome. Thank you!

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Created and performed by Oliver Smart (Folded Feather)

Accordion by Rahel Meyer Follow Spot by Kim Scopes

Film production by Alexander Michaelis and Kimberley Mirren (Studio Kix, London)