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Object Theatre Masterclass


Duration: 4 weeks

This event has passed.

This is a four session course taking place every Wednesday starting 23 November and ending 14 December.

7 – 9 pm

This four session course will look at bringing objects to life, both as characters and as tools for storytelling. The objects that surround us are full of meaning and movement. They are symbols of human ideas, identities and emotions. Through practical work, we will look at techniques for unlocking this potential. During the course, you will work as an individual and collaboratively in small groups to explore making performance with objects. 

This course will look at how to:

  • Use techniques for transforming the every day into the extraordinary
  • Find character within an object and bring it to life
  • Use the resonance of an object to develop a meaningful narrative with it
  • Bring objects together to form complex moving images and landscapes
  • Use your body, movement and voice in compliment of an object when performing
  • Enable an audience to switch focus and scale between you and an object
  • Use objects for all kinds of drama, from tragedy to satire

The sessions will involve discussion, practical work and group participation.

About the tutor

Rachel Warr is a puppetry director and dramaturg. Her work has been presented at venues across the UK and internationally in Canada, France, Romania, Norway, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Turkey and Singapore. She is a previous Associate Artist at Little Angel Theatre; she is Artistic Director of Dotted Line Theatre and Puppeteer in Residence at the Centre for Performance Science.