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Technical Spec


Forestage dimensions

Stage width – 610cm

Stage depth – 320cm

Stage height raised from auditorium floor – 46cm

For companies touring with standing scenery please note that there are two low  covered radiators on the sides of the forestage, reducing the width of the actual floor.

Stage width with radiators – 552cm

Upstage dimensions

The playing space upstage of the proscenium wall is defined by the marionette bridges. These were constructed for long string marionette shows and reduce the playing height. This space does offer additional depth, but visiting companies generally use the downstage space as it is more open.

Proscenium arch width – 364cm

Proscenium arch height – 263cm

Proscenium arch depth – 35cm

Upstage width – 470cm (stage is dropped below floor level by 35cm)

Upstage depth – 345cm

Upstage height under the bridges – 242cm

Height from bridge rail to stage floor – 342cm

Stage right wing width – 94cm

Stage left wing opens out into general access area

Downstage bridge width – 62cm

Upstage bridge width – 102cm

Gap between bridge – 114cm

We recommend referring to the stage plan.

LX Equipment


96 ways of dimming

4 x 24 way Strand Wallrack Digital Dimmers


196 circuits throughout the grid

Wall mounted patching cabinet for mains to bars and socket boxes, based on a Neutrik Powercon system, and inclusive of 12 channel hot power supply, all supplies with dual connections to allow connection of two circuits to one dimmer or hot power circuit




Extensive stock of  15A and 16A TRS and Jumpers.


We keep a limited house stock of gels, tape and black wrap, but expect companies to provide their own production needs.

The lighting rig is 405 cm from stage height


16 x Source 4 Jr Zoom Profile 25–50, 575W

6 x Strand Prelude Profile 16-30, 650W

24 x Spotlight Mini Fresnel 7.5-53 Degree, 300/500W

18 x Spotlight Mini Profile Zoom

6 x Spotlight Mini Profile Spot 20 Degree, with 8 Degree Conversion Kit

18 x Selecon Acclaim 650w Fresnel 6-60 Degree

4 x Selecon Rama Fresnel 7-50 Degree

4 x Source Four 90° with Seachanger dichroic colour changers

2 x Howard Eaton Ripple Effect 300/500W

1 x Spotlight 400w Blackgun With Mesh

4 x GLP Volkslicht 60 RGB Moving Head LED Spot

12 x Par 64 Can CP62, 1kW

6 x Pinspots

12 x 230V Birdies

1 x Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Haze Generator 1500 Watt

Sound Equipment


  • 4 x EV ElectroVoice 175 Watt Speaker


  • MTA-MA416 Multi-channel amplifier 4x 400w


  • 1 x M12 Spirit 12 Channel Mixing Desk


  • 1 x Mac Mini with QLab
  • 1 x MDSF41 Sony Mini Disk Player (With auto pause)
  • 1 x CD5001Marantz CD player ( No loop, no auto pause)


  • Limited Stock of phono, jack and XLR cables


  • 2 x Shure SM58

Contact Technical Manager regarding radio mics

Other Equipment/Information


  • Black header above proscenium
  • 2 x 117cm x 412cm legs
  • 2 x 92cm x 396cm legs

Wing masking

  • 6 x 150cm x 280cm


Little Angel Theatre has an original bespoke flying system backstage which is only used for Little Angel Theatre productions. However it contains two large black cloths and one shadow screen that can be dropped in and moved for visiting companies. Please contact the Technical Manager.

Get in

Get in is through fire doors at the back of the auditorium with easy access to the stage

Door dimensions:

Width – 121cm

Height – 212cm

Widest Diagonal – 242cm

Little Angel Theatre owns a small amount of parking space directly in front of the theatre. There is enough parking space for six cars or three long wheel base vans. Little Angel Theatre can offer a limited amount of parking with prior notice from visiting companies.

Dressing Rooms

There are two small cubicle sized dressing room, one of which doubles as a green room.


Backstage is not a secure space so we would advise all visiting companies to leave valuables at home or speak to front of house staff or the duty technician for storage during a show.


Little Angel Theatre has domestic sized waste collection and would expect visiting companies to dispose of their own waste and larger items.

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