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See Contact Us for our phone and email opening hours. We are not taking bookings or enquiries in person.

Booking and Tickets

Is it possible to exchange tickets or get refunds?

We can exchange tickets for another date and time of the same event as long as you ask 24 hours before the time you have booked for, letting us know the date and time you would like to move to.

If someone is ill or you have a problem on the day, and are unable to give 24 hours’ notice that you can’t attend, contact the box office by email or phone as soon as you possibly can, and if we are sold out we can still try to resell your tickets. If tickets are resold, you will then be able to reschedule. There is no guarantee that tickets will be resold, but the more time we have the more likely it is, so it’s important not to lose any time in contacting us.

We only refund tickets if the performance or workshop is sold out and we’re able to resell them first. You can request that your tickets are listed for resale at any time, but a resale is not guaranteed.

Does my baby or toddler need a ticket?

For most shows, all children aged one or over on the day of the performance need their own tickets for shows, even if they sit on your lap during the show.

For shows specifically designed for babies, babies need their own ticket. This will be made clear on the event page and when you select tickets online.

At what age can a young person see a show on their own?

Children aged 15 or above can see a show independently. All children under 15 need to be accompanied in the auditorium throughout the performance by an adult, or by a young person aged 15 or above, who knows them.

This also applies to workshops and activities, unless it is specifically stated on the event page that the activity is for children on their own. For children-only activities there is a minimum age for participation.

How many adults do I need to bring with a group of children?

We ask for at least one adult for every five children.

Can adults attend on their own?

Yes, we welcome adult visitors who are interested in puppetry and seeing our shows. We also offer courses and classes for adults.

Can I book a carer/assistant ticket?

Disabled adults who require the assistance of another adult to visit the theatre are eligible for a free Personal Assistant ticket. These are available online, but if it’s your first time booking one you’ll need to contact box office first so we can add the eligibility tag to your account. The ticket has a price when you first select it, but you will not be charged at checkout if your account has been tagged as eligible.

If you are in receipt of disability or other benefits you can apply to join our Puppets For All scheme for free tickets for your household. More info here.

How do I let you know about access requirements?

If you would like us to reserve certain seats for access reasons, you can book your tickets online, but please call or email the box office in advance of each visit so that we can arrange seat reservations.
For wheelchair spaces, please make your booking by phone (see below).

How do I book a wheelchair space?

Wheelchair spaces need to be booked in advance and we still advise you to book by phone because we need to take extra seats off sale. We continue to explore ways of bringing this online.

Should I have received an email confirmation?

You should receive a confirmation email when you buy tickets. If you believe you have made a payment and placed an order, but you haven’t received your confirmation and have checked your junk / spam folders, please contact the box office as soon as possible.

How will I receive my tickets?

When you book one of our events, you will receive an order confirmation email and then an email with your e-tickets attached. If you have not received these, please check your junk/spam folders before contacting the box office. You can also download your e-tickets from your online account.

If everyone in your group is not arriving together, please make sure you have forwarded tickets to anyone who will be entering separately.

If you are not able to use e-tickets, please come to the box office desk on arrival, and we will give you tickets to hand in when you enter the auditorium.

Can someone else use my tickets?

If you are not attending the event yourself, make sure you have forwarded your e-tickets to the person who is attending. You don’t need to inform us when this is happening.

Is there any way to buy tickets if an event is sold out?

We run waiting lists for sold out performances and events. You can join a waiting list by filling out the form here.

How do I book using a gift voucher or credit?

If you have a gift voucher code, you can enter this online (please note gift voucher codes are entered at the Payment stage, and are different from promo codes for special offers, which are entered at Basket stage) or quote it over the phone. The voucher code is valid for two years, and once it is redeemed any unused amount remains on your account as credit until the expiry date. You will not need the voucher code to spend remaining credit.

If you have credit on your account, from a gift voucher or for any other reason, you can spend it online (select ‘Use my credit’ at Payment stage) or with box office. Credit lasts for two years.

How do I book for an educational group?

If you work for a school or nursery please see our Schools pages
To request show tickets please fill out the form on this page or call the box office.

Educational group bookings must be made by an employee of the school or organisation, and an employee must attend on the day and collect tickets. The education rate of £7 per ticket is for groups of under-18s and is not available for adult students. The education rate is only available on weekdays before 3pm in Islington term time.

What is available for home educating families?

If a performance is shown online as only available for school bookings, this is because it is reserved for large groups. Schools often need to book the whole auditorium, and we don’t want to turn a school away from booking because we’ve already sold just a few tickets to families. To book a home education group into a performance that is reserved for schools, we would need a minimum group size of approx. 30 people (this varies according to the production so please check with box office). However, many of our school shows do open up for private bookings when not all of the tickets are taken by schools, and at these times individual home educating families with children of school age are welcome to book at the education rate of £7 per ticket. This rate is not available online so please call the box office. This rate is only ever available on weekdays before 3pm in Islington term time.

For more information contact Please note that our school booking enquiry form is not intended for home education enquiries.

How can I access more affordable tickets?

During term time we have 4.45pm performances on most Fridays, where all tickets are £8 each. These are booked online in the normal way, but tend to sell out more quickly, so try to book early. For new productions, we may also have preview performances at this price.

If you are in receipt of state benefits you can apply to join our Puppets For All list to be offered free tickets to some shows.

Tickets for Relaxed Performances are £5 each. Tickets are usually only available if someone in your group specifically needs a relaxed performance. There is more information on Relaxed Performances on our access page. 

Your Visit

How early can I arrive for a show?

The building opens half an hour before the show starts.
The auditorium opens for seating 20 minutes before the show starts, unless otherwise stated on the pre-show email.

How does unreserved seating work?

Please note that seating at both Little Angel Theatre and Little Angel Studios is unallocated. Whilst we do our very best to ensure that those who arrive first get first choice of seating, sometimes this might be difficult (for example when school groups make up a large proportion of the audience). It is our priority to make sure that everyone has a good view of the stage, especially the children, so on occasion our ushers may ask you to move along or swap seats to ensure good sightlines. We appreciate your understanding and help in ensuring that everyone in the audience has an enjoyable experience.
If you need to reserve certain seats which are more accessible for you, for example if you are visually impaired, hard of hearing, or have mobility issues which mean you would be more comfortable in an aisle seat, please call the Box Office. Please note that if you need to book a wheelchair space this can only be done over the phone.

If you have access requirements for seating, please contact box office in advance of your visit to reserve seats (see above).

Can I bring a buggy?

For reasons of fire safety, we regret that prams, pushchairs, scooters etc. cannot be taken into our auditoriums for performances. However, you can safely leave these in the foyer at the Theatre, and in a covered area of the back yard at the Studios.

What sort of snacks do you sell?

We have a range of snacks available, including fruit bars, crisps and chocolate. We also happily stock Jude’s ice creams. Our Theatre has tea and coffee available, and both our sites have a range of cold drinks, such as lemonade or apple juice. Our range is all vegan, palm oil-free and ethically sourced.

What can I eat in the auditoriums?

It’s absolutely fine to tuck into a snack or drink whilst watching a show. We encourage you to be courteous to those around you and avoid making a lot of noise.