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Elephant is tired, and just in need of a good sleep for 10 minutes or so. His old armchair is comfy but worn out, and he can’t sit down without it making twingy-twangy noises.

Determined to get a good sleep, Elephant sets out to find the perfect chair to nod off in. He is lucky enough to get help from his neighbour Anteater and a friendly Kangaroo, who guide him through a series of chair disasters! Despite all the mishaps, Elephant finally returns home to find he had the best chair all along.

This is a musical and playful adaptation of Sean Taylor’s work, suitable for ages 3 and up.

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Designed and adapted by Jessica Shead and Ruby Saide

Joanna Townley – Art Department Assistant

Kelly Frost – Art Department Assistant

Chris Wootton – Videographer and Editor

Andy Hopkins – Composer

Duane Gooden – Voice Actor