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Moonlit Mudlark

by Shadowboxer Theatre

13th March 12 PM

Laura lives on a tiny boat on the biggest dock in London with her Dad and their ancient dog “Fish”. Tonight it’s the lowest Spring Tide on record, which for Laura only means one thing – Mudlarking! She has her torch on and bucket ready, the only problem is her Dad won’t let her go. In a fit of rage, Laura hurls her most prized possession, a ring her mother left her, into the dock. Before she knows what she’s done she’s dived in after it and finds herself in a magical underwater world.

Here she meets incredible beings: half-human fish, boats that turn out to be walruses and, strangest among them, The Wreck. The Wreck is a twisted river spirit who rules the underwater world, collecting all the lost and forgotten objects discarded in the water. She tells Laura she cannot have her ring back for “What is dropped in error will always be returned, but what is thrown in freely, surely must be mine”. Laura must find a way to outsmart The Wreck, retrieve the ring and get home to her Dad, all before she becomes one of The Wreck’s treasures herself, trapped forever in her watery realm.


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Created by Shadowboxer Theatre

Shadowboxer are Nicole Black, Lowri James & Sammy Kissin

Music and lyrics by Arran Glass

This film is one of 10 digital short commissions generously supported by Garfield Weston.

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