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Rivers World

A Welcome Project Digital Short commission by Chicken Shop Hermits in Association with Little Angel Theatre

When River and their parents suddenly move to the UK, River finds themselves overwhelmed by the new environment and the arguments between Mum and Dad. Using their vivid imagination, River manages to hide in the wonderful universe their mind creates. However, as Stress Snakes invade River’s World, River has to make both their internal and external world welcoming places again, and Sage, a new friend they make in London, might just be the key.

Follow the heart warming story of Rivers journey of friendship and learning new skills.

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Story, Designer, Puppeteer, Director, Editor & Music: Hector T.J. Huang
Assistant designer & puppeteer: Chiara Scoglio
Camera, lighting & assistant editor: Damiano Zucco
Photographer: Damiano Zucco

Special thanks:
Evelina Kazlauskaitė
Ash Appadu
Francesca Mai