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Scoop's Space

This digital retelling is inspired by our 2018 production Junk (which saw us transform our studio space into a recycling plant). It will revisit Scoop, the junk lady, and show you into her secret space – a place where she gathers and stores all of the interesting things that other people throw away, and uses them to tell stories.

Did you know?

The original production featured set and puppets made entirely out of recycled materials – including Bertie the bottle, jellyfish made from plastic bags, a sewer rat made from old slippers and a giant umbrella octopus. We hope that this performance will highlight the magic that can be found in every day objects and further inspire children to get creative with the ‘junk’ that we can all find around our homes.


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Performed by Lori Hopkins

Written and directed by Samantha Lane

Designed by Emma Tompkins

Lighting Consultant Sherry Coenen

Sound composed by Eilidh deBonnaire

Filmed and edited by Suhail Merchant

Additional puppeteering by Josephine Tremelling

Special thanks to Palesa Esuk, Deanna Mathers, Esther Potter and Shaun Latif-Shaikh, for their support making for, and performing in, the original production.