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The Little Seed's Journey

A Welcome Project Digital Short commission by Adi Detemo in Association with Little Angel Theatre

11th January 2024

“The Little Seed’s Journey” is a family adventure that sweeps viewers into an enchanting and heart-warming voyage. It weaves a universal tale of resilience, unity, and the transformative power of hope. Set in a vibrant garden where every day is a celebration of life, the film introduces us to a small, spirited seed. Its world of happiness is abruptly disrupted when a fierce wind carries it away from its home.

This marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

The little seed’s path is filled with challenges, from enduring a heavy rainstorm to facing scorching days and dark, uncertain nights. Throughout its struggles, the seed clings to hope and strength. Eventually, the seed is carried away by a gentle wind and awakens in a breathtakingly beautiful garden. Here, it discovers diverse plants and wise companions. Together, they celebrate the beauty of unity.

“The Little Seed’s Journey” is a visually stunning and emotionally resonant adventure that imparts a powerful message of resilience and the importance of welcoming and supporting newcomers. It captivates audiences of all ages, leaving them with a sense of wonder and a heart-warming message of hope.

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Directed by Adi Detemo
Story and Screenplay By Adi Detemo
Produced by Adi Detemo, Eskatnaf Habtiymer, ElCreate Studios
Production Manager Yohannes Gizachew
Animator Michael Ergye
Narrated by Jessica Griffiss


Adi is a film maker and a film student on a journey through the world of cinema. Their passion for filmmaking led to some remarkable educational experiences, including being an alumni of the British Film Institute (BFI) and graduating from the National Film and Television School’s (NFTS) craft-skills project. These educational milestones have equipped Adi with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue my cinematic dreams.

What truly sets Adi’s filmmaking journey apart is their personal background: Arriving in the UK as an asylum seeker, which brought with it a myriad of emotions and challenges.

This first-hand experience of not feeling at home in a foreign land has deeply influenced Adi’s work as a filmmaker and inspired them to explore themes of displacement, the yearning for acceptance, and the process of finding one’s place in a new and unfamiliar culture. These themes are close to Adi’s heart, and they aims to portray them with authenticity and depth.

Adi’s life has been touched by the kindness of welcoming and accepting friends, and this has left an indelible mark on their filmmaking. The transformative power of human connections and the profound impact of friendship on one’s journey are themes that Adi’s often explores in their work.

Adi’s personal experiences as an asylum seeker turned filmmaker have shaped the stories they tell and the emotions conveyed on screen. Adi hopes to bring a unique and authentic perspective to their films, making them both compelling and relatable to audiences who may have faced similar challenges and experiences.