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The Scaryglow

by Peter Steele

16 January 12 PM

High in the mountains lies a sleepy, peaceful mountain town. But recently rumours have been spreading about a monster that lives in the forest. Some say it’s big and slimy, others say it’s covered in flies and made of fire!

George, aged 8, doesn’t believe in monsters. In fact, he thinks they’re silly! But one night, whilst tucked up in bed, he hears a howling from deep within the forest. Is it the terrible beast that everyone has been talking about? Is it really as scary as everyone thinks?

George decides it’s time to solve the mystery once and for all. The mystery of The Scaryglow!’

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Written and directed by Peter Steele
Narrated by Peter Steele
Puppetry and design by Peter Steele
Filmed and edited by Inti Rowland
Puppetry and production assistant- Helena Scheuba
Lighting by Catja Hamilton

This film is one of 10 digital short commissions generously supported by Garfield Weston.

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