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Toadstool Tales: Truffles in Trouble

The safe comfort of Mossy Glade in the deep forest is disrupted as a band of merry mushroom friends have one of their own snatched away! Penny and Shaggy embark on an adventure into the great unknown to rescue Truffle, encountering many exciting characters, environments and obstacles along the way.

Will they be able to use their wits to save the day and return home to Mossy Glade?

Once you’ve watched the show, have a go at making a fungi friend rod puppet of your own!

Find the instructions here. 

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Puppetry intern, Jessica Shead, is excited to present her Puppet Show debut with Little Angel Theatre using all the training, experience and skills she has gained over the past 6 months.


Written and directed by Jessica Shead

Puppets designed and made by Jessica Shead

Performed by Bori Mezö

Narrated by Will Chapman

Music by Jamie McCarthy

Sound Design by Olivia Morgan

Filmed and Edited by Matty Mancey-Jones

Art Department Assistant Bori Mezö

Puppeteers Bori Mezö and Jessica Shead