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Make a regular donation

We believe that puppetry and live performance have the power to be transformative and that everyone deserves to have access to these benefits through our work on stage, in schools, in the community, and on the screen. As a small charity, without regular subsidy, we need ongoing support to make this happen.

By pledging to make a regular gift you can help us plan for the future and continue to make puppetry to tell great stories that excite, educate and inspire young people whilst making the arts accessible to all.

If you believe in what we do and want to make a difference then please do consider making a regular gift. Your donation will have an impact on the work that we do and the lives of young people.

You are encouraged to donate at a level that suits you. Here is an example of what your donation could help us achieve.

  • £6 could pay for crafternoon materials for 6 children or contribute to one ticket for a schoolchild to see a show or puppet-making materials for a craft tutorial video.

  • £60 could pay for a family of 6 to see a show through our Puppets For All scheme or a digital story for our YouTube channel or support our creation costs for a production’s visual story.

  • £600 a month could give 60 schoolchildren the chance to see a show and meet the puppets afterwards or enable us to bring an exciting puppetry performance and workshop to Little Angel’s Summer Community Festival or contribute to our website costs, making our free content even easier to access.

  • £6,000 could cover crafternoons for a whole year or a brand new digital short for our YouTube channel or a community project with one of our partner organisations.

  • £60,000 could enable us to make a brand new show or contribute significantly to our community outreach programme costs for a year or cover the creation costs, rehearsal, and touring of two new suitcase shows for vulnerable people in our community.
    To set up a regular gift click here – sends you to page for donate but is pre-set with donation levels at monthly
    All regular donors will automatically receive ‘Angel Song’ our quarterly emails which keep you updated on your gift’s impact and will be invited to join us to find out more about our work.

To make a regular donation, please  visit here

Alternatively, you can contact