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Shadow puppetry

Interested in shadow puppetry? Check out the videos below which guide you through how to make your own shadow puppet show at home.

Please share photos of your shows with us and, with your permission, we will upload them to our gallery. Email your photos to or share them with us on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

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Boo! performed by Joni-Rae Carrack

Day one: build your shadow theatre

We show you how to make a shadow theatre our of recycled cardboard and tracing or greaseproof paper.

Download the instructions here.

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Day two: make your shadow puppets

You can design your own puppets

or download our template here.

Day three: make your puppets move

Once you’ve mastered yesterday’s shadow puppet make, learn how to make moving shadow puppets.

Download the instructions here.


Day four: coloured shadow puppets

You can design your own coloured puppets.

or download our template here. 

Find out what else you can make, here.