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Family Workshops - Prince Charming

Little Angel Theatre

For ages 6 -11

This event has passed.

Children must be accompanied by adults, and each adult and child needs their own ticket.

Duration: approx 1 hour

If you cannot find an available event to suit you, you can join our waiting list for sold out events here.

In this workshop inspired by Prince Charming, families get a taste of the royal treatment as we create our own royal family. Using furs and fabrics, these noble puppets will be sure to turn heads as they parade about our miniature world. Will they be kind or cruel? The king of the castle, or a mean rascal? Come along and be charmed our studios on Sebbon Street.

This activity is designed for children aged 6 – 11 together with their parents or carers. Children need to be accompanied by adults for this workshop and must not be left unattended. Each adult and child needs their own ticket.

Workshops are held at our Studios building on Sebbon Street, not at our Theatre building.