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Hands On - Intro to Puppetry Performance: Shadows


Duration: 1 and a half hours

This event has passed.

You can buy each session individually or book all 3 Hands On sessions for £45. Discount will be applied at the checkout.

The Hands-On series is your chance to dip your toes into the vast ocean of puppetry techniques. This hands-on workshop provides a taster of a variety of different styles of puppetry. Dive right into a different puppetry style each week and give puppeteering a try. 

This session is all about Shadow Puppetry

Come and learn the basics of this ancient art and explore some techniques to make your shadow puppets really shine.

Hands-On is the perfect way to have a go if you’re not quite ready to commit to our foundation courses. For more information about our Foundation course, click here.

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