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Persephone - a Tale of the Seasons (performance for babies)

A Little Angel Theatre Production

Aimed at ages 6 to 18 months

This event has passed.

£14.00 Adult

£12.00 Baby / Child (6 months +)

Please note that because this show is specially designed for babies and toddlers, you will need to buy a ticket for any baby or child aged six months or above.

Running Time: approx. 45 minutes, including a stay-and-play.

If you cannot find an available performance to suit you, you can join our waiting list for sold out performances here.

Join Persephone and her animal friends as they guide you and your babies through the changes in nature, collecting things on their way…

Hear a robin chirp a merry tune, as it gets colder and the days draw in. Will you be able to catch a snowflake? Hop through the meadow with a bunny, watching the flowers bloom. Will there be an April shower? Perhaps you can catch the bubbles from the bubbling brook? Listen to the waves of the ocean and fly through the summer with a colourful butterfly, feeling the heat of the sun on your face. Can you catch a sunbeam? See the leaves change colour and fall to the ground as a hedgehog snuffles through the undergrowth. Perhaps you can catch the wind?

Persephone is a gentle sensory exploration of the seasons, perfect for babies and toddlers.

There are separate performance times for babies (6-18 months) and toddlers (18 months – 3 years). Click here for the toddler performances.

Finger Puppet Singalongs you can try at home!

Age guidance

Persephone – a Tale of the Seasons (performance for babies) is aimed at ages 6 to 18 months. There are also performances of Persephone – a Tale of the Seasons for toddlers aged 18 months to 3 years.

Our shows for babies and toddlers are multisensory experiences, with short performances followed by play sessions. They take place in our Studios, where we aim to create the best environment for a happy and relaxed introduction to theatre.


How will we be seated?

Audience sit on the floor around the performance space, and we recommend that your baby sits on your lap or just in front of you. There will also be bench cushions at the back for those who need or prefer them. There will be up to 16 babies and up to 32 adults watching the show. We ask you to kindly remove your shoes once inside the space to help protect our specially made floor.

Can children join in and explore?

Every performance is followed by a hands-on stay and play session. During the performance itself, we’re really keen to encourage the babies and children to respond however they like, and gurgle, laugh, cry, talk – they don’t have to be quiet! We understand that babies can sometimes get a little fidgety or restless. However, because the performer is moving around, it isn’t safe for your little ones to wander during the performance – and we ask that you gently bring them back to you if they do. There will be an opportunity for them (and you) to explore the performance space as part of the stay and play.

How are the baby performances and toddler performances different?

The content of these performances is the same and the age brackets are for guidance only, but we find that having special time slots makes for the best experience for all. At the times for babies we have a smaller audience to create a more intimate and calmer environment for the very youngest. Toddlers can have most fun experiencing the shows with others their age who are interacting in similar ways.

What can I use to help decide if the show is right for my baby?

The show follows the seasons, starting with winter and moving through spring, summer and autumn, exploring some of the animals and objects that you might encounter in nature. A visual story will be available soon after the show opens.


Directed by Samantha Lane
Devised by the company
Designed by Ash Appadu
Composed by Zara Nunn
Lighting Design by Sherry Coenen
Performed by Rosa Higgs

Illustration by Amberin Huq

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Magic.  Pure innocent, delightful puppet magic.  A wonderful family outing.

– Benedict Cumberbatch

Little Angel Theatre is a magical place. They have brought many of my books to life on stage, and they do so creatively whilst remaining faithful to the books. It is wonderful to see so many children enjoying this special THEATRE. 

– Julia Donaldson

My FAVOURITE theatre in the whole world!

– Neil Gaiman

Little Angel is nothing less

than an icon of North

London childhood.

Time Out