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Family Workshops - We're Going on a Bear Hunt

3 - 8 years

Duration: approx 1 hour

This event has passed.

Children must be accompanied by adults, and each adult and child needs their own ticket.

Duration: approx 1 hour

We’re going on a bear hunt. We’re going to catch a big one. Or a small one. Or a fluffy one. Or a spiky one!

Head over to sebbon street to create your own furry friend to take on adventures. With the help of our friendly facilitator participants will build a bear, with a unique personality, moving arms and made out of sensory materials. These articulated puppets are ideal for big bear hugs, or for chasing humans. We’re not scared… well, maybe a little bit!

This activity is designed for children aged 3-8 together with their parents or carers. Children need to be accompanied by adults for this workshop and must not be left unattended. Each adult and child needs their own ticket.

Workshops are held at our Studios building on Sebbon Street, not at our Theatre building.