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A Half a String Production

Aimed at everyone over 6

This event has passed.

Running Time:  approx 1 hour

If you cannot find an available performance to suit you, you can join our waiting list for sold out performances here.

An extraordinary journey through a busy forest. Experience a story told from the perspective of an acorn; the hectic forest floor, thrumming underworlds, and dazzling heights of icy branches.

Discover bizarre larger than life fungi, connecting creaking tree roots, and majestic guardians watching over a delicate cycle. Join three storytellers as they lead you through an enchanting experience like no other.

Breathe explores the inner workings of trees, all beautifully realised through a combination of puppetry, detailed sets, and live camera work. Underscored through a truly unique blend of thumping Drum & Bass and live ethereal folk songs. Find the epic in the tiny in this celebration of trees, nature, and finding space in a buzzing community.

“A beautiful piece of entertainment, a multi-dimensional show…Imaginative, ingenious and visually stunning’

★★★★★ – UK Theatre Network, Aug 2019

“Ingeniously imaginative piece of storytelling…Young or old, this show tugs at the heartstrings.”

★★★★★ – Young Perspective, Aug 2017

Age guidance

Breathe is aimed at everyone over 6. From this age children can start to engage more fully with the story and themes. The puppet characters and playful scenes will appeal to the younger children, and older children and adults can also appreciate how the storytellers create the ‘film’ elements with live cameras, and the drum and bass combined with folk music. Children under 6 may not follow everything, and very young children may find the music overwhelming.

About the company

Half a String creates authentic and engaging stories that are grounded in live performance. Theatre is our springboard from which we tour shows, publish books and work with people of all ages inspiring creativity and imagination. Every project brings together a community of world-class artists who develop ideas through collaborative play and exploration, instinctively questioning and challenging to create intelligent, visual and accessible work. Puppetry, design and original live music are pivotal tools to tell our stories, creating astonishing work that champions meaningful collective experiences. Half a String invests in curiosity, creating truthful fantastical stories through growing our own joyful, empowering mythologies.           @halfastring


Story, Designer & Performer: Peter Morton
Writer: Louisa Ashton
Dramaturg & Guest Director: Emma Willatts
Performed by Emily Essery and Darcey O’Rourke
Drum and Bass: Suitman Jungle
Songwriter: Avi Simmons
Assistant Director 2023: Rori Endersby
Guest Puppetry Director: Elaine Hartley
Initial Devising Team: Nick Halliwell
AV Designer: Boyd Branch
Assistant Director 2022: Ellie Levine
Lighting Design: Jack Weir
Technical Support and Re-lighting: Thomas Blake
Costume Dyeing: Lidia Witts
Workshop Assistants: Hatty Edwards & Nick Willis
Illustration: Caleb Simmons

Breathe is supported by the Gulbenkian Arts Centre, Arts Council England, A+E Lab

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