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Minny Stynker

16 Aug–18 Aug 2024

A Soap Soup Theatre Company Production

Aimed at ages 3-8

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£14.00 Adult £12.00 Child (age 1-17)

Running Time:  approx. 55 minutes, plus a meet the puppets session.

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At Little Angel Theatre

14 Dagmar Passage, London N1 2DN

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What would you do if you moved to a strange new city? All your friends are far away, your new house smells weird, and it rains all the time?!

Kit takes matters into his own hands, when one night, while drawing to pass the time, the swirls and whirls on his page giggle into a life of their own, and a very unusual adventure unfolds! Join Soap Soup Theatre on their most riotous, colourful adventure of all – where a bedroom becomes a forest, a school turns into a solar system and the drawings in your bag have a life of their own!

A story about the magic of creativity.

Devised by one of Bristol’s leading theatre makers for family audiences, and based on a brand new book by Artistic Director Tomasin Cuthbert. Soap Soup Theatre combines high quality children’s theatre with the magic of projection mapping, bringing the vibrant illustrations from the book to life. An unmissable Theatre experience for the whole family.

Age Guidance

Minny Stynker is aimed at ages 3-8. Our shows for this age group have storylines that can be followed and enjoyed by 3-4-year olds, but may also use slightly more complex ideas, humour, dialogue or song lyrics that older children will get more out of.

There is nothing really scary in these shows but they can be a bit more dramatic than those for the youngest children, including in their use of sound and lighting, and characters may face some perils.

Please note that Minny Stynker is a new production. It is still in development and this page will be updated as we know more about the specifics of the show.

How will we be seated?

This show has standard theatre seating – rows of benches facing the stage. There will be up to 90 people watching the show.

Can children join in?

This isn’t an interactive show, but we always welcome vocal responses from young audiences, and there are expected to be some points in the show where everyone is invited to participate in some way. The audience stay in their seats while watching the show, but you can leave and re-enter the auditorium at any time. After the performance there will be an opportunity for everyone to meet the puppets.

Should I bring a child under three?

All ages are welcome at our shows and age ranges can only be a rough guide, but please bear in mind that Minny Stynker was not specially designed for under-threes. A show aimed at two-year olds would have some differences – those shows are carefully made to hold their attention for the duration, and not to be unsettling for them.

About the Company

Soap Soup Theatre are proud makers of innovative theatre for children and their families, and are dedicated to creating startling work that invites our audiences to co-create the worlds our stories inhabit. Our work is design led, offering a bold, unique visual language, so expect to see and hear creative, colourful design, beautiful puppets, and inventive object work.

We draw from our collaborators’ own passions and experiences to create work that is personal, intimate and a true shared experience.

This is theatre of the senses, and of the heart.


Artistic Director/Lead Producer – Tomasin Cuthbert
Co-Producer – Sarah White
Marketing Officer – Harriet Campell-Taylor
Director – Stephanie Kempson
Designer – Tomasin Cuthbert
Associate Director – Gabrielle Sheppard
Dramaturg – Saikat Ahamed
Based on a Picture book by – Tomasin Cuthbert
Puppet Assistant – Ros Cuthbert
Composer – Tom Ball
Projection Design and Animation – Christopher Harrisson
Lighting Designer – Joe Price

Performed by Tomasin Cuthbert and Ricardo Ventura

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