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Out of the Hat!

09 Aug–11 Aug 2024

A Long Nose Puppets Production

Aimed at ages 3-8

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£14.00 Adult £12.00 Child (age 1-17)

Running Time:  approx. 45 minutes, plus meet the puppets session.

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At Little Angel Theatre

14 Dagmar Passage, London N1 2DN

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When Doris and Delilah wake up to find something strange and sparkly has fallen from the sky, they are inspired to put on the world’s greatest magic show! But HOW do you make real magic happen? What ingredients do you need and who can help them?

Along the way they encounter some fabulous characters; a transformative moth, a band of musical frogs, an artistic spider and a sassy glow-worm who all help to create their dream.

Will the conjuring trick work and will anything EVER come out of the hat?

A story about friendship and the true magic of nature. Full to the brim with lively songs by the talented Tom Gray of Gomez. A feast for the senses and a spectacular theatre experience for everyone!

“It’s a visually exciting delight for young children and contains enough gentle humour to keep adults entertained for an hour too. The Long Nose Puppet team are relentlessly talented, bringing stories to life with their unique and charming puppets and their delightful songs with life affirming lyrics.”

– Katie B, Broadway Baby

For most of our children, the show would have been their first experience of live performance and we couldn’t have asked for a better first step into that world.”

Head teacher of Boundstone School, Lancing

Age Guidance

Out of the Hat is aimed at ages 3-8. Our shows for this age group have storylines that can be followed and enjoyed by 3-4-year olds, but may also use slightly more complex ideas, humour, dialogue or song lyrics that older children will get more out of. There is nothing really scary in these shows but they can be a bit more dramatic than those for the youngest children, including in their use of sound and lighting, and characters may face some perils.

How will we be seated?

This show has standard theatre seating – rows of benches facing the stage. There will be up to 90 people watching the show.

Can children join in?

This isn’t an interactive show, but we always welcome vocal responses from young audiences, and there are a couple of points in the show where everyone is invited to contribute by making noises or answering the performers. The audience stay in their seats while watching the show, but you can leave and re-enter the auditorium at any time. After the performance there will be an opportunity for everyone to stay in their seats and find out a bit more about the show, meet the puppets and ask any questions.

Is there anything that might be scary?

There is nothing likely to be scary in this show. One of the puppets is a spider, but this and all the other characters are very friendly.

Should I bring a child under three?

All ages are welcome at our shows and age ranges can only be a rough guide, but please bear in mind that Out of the Hat! was not specially designed for under-threes. A show aimed at two-year olds would have some differences – those shows are carefully made to hold their attention for the duration, and not to be unsettling for them.

About the Company

Long Nose was co-founded in 2006 by Katherine Morton and Polly Dunbar; they studied illustration at Brighton University where they often worked together creating characters and stories.

Katherine and Polly make the puppets out of anything and everything: latex, wood, found objects, socks, old umbrellas and the odd lampshade. The puppets range in size from handheld rod puppets to full body costumes.

Polly Dunbar is a well known children’s author and illustrator best know for her books Penguin and the Tilly and Friends series. Long Nose is unique in that Polly has a completely hands on roll in devising the shows and making the puppets, therefore the final productions are as close to the books as is possible.


Creators – Polly Dunbar, Tom Gray, Katherine Morton, Ant Morton, Claire Gray
Music Composed by Tom Gray

Puppeteers – Ant Morton, Katherine Morton, Sophie Powell, Richard Osborne, Lisa Mills Annie Brooks

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