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The Zoo that Comes to You

20 Aug–22 Aug 2024

Produced by Scarlet Oak Theatre

Aimed at ages 5-11

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£14.00 Adult £12.00 Child (age 1-17)

Running Time:  approx. 60 minutes.

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At Little Angel Theatre

14 Dagmar Passage, London N1 2DN

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The Zoo That Comes To You follows the impassioned attempts of two animal enthusiasts to share their love of and concern for animals with the world. They take in animals that need respite, care or a temporary home and have, accidentally, ended up with a whole sanctuary, but with no visitors! So everybody – animals and humans alike – have decided it is time to get out, see the world, and bring the zoo, to you.

Come and meet this eclectic group of charming yet cheeky animals, as they discuss their life experiences and the challenges they face in a rapidly changing world. They have a lot to say and want to inspire people of all ages to take action, because they know small actions can make a big difference in the world.

Featuring puppetry, live music and playful characters, Scarlet Oak Theatre welcomes you to join the conversation about animal conservation.

They have an infectious sense of fun and have left our audiences smiling with every performance.”

– Adam Fuller, Co-Creative Director @ Front Room Theatre, Weston-Super-Mare

”I don’t know who enjoyed it more – the children or the adults!”

– Audience Quote

“The show was funny, musical and thought provoking…. A perfect balance of entertainment, education and beautiful design.”

– Director of The Exeter Fringe 2021

Age Guidance

The Zoo that Comes to You is aimed at ages 5-11. Our shows for this age group have storylines that can be followed by children from around age 5. They work for a wide age range and there will be elements to engage the older children, and adults, in the audience, for example music, puppetry techniques, more complex ideas, language or humour. Children under the recommended age can often enjoy the visuals but may not follow everything, and may not stay engaged. If the show contains any parts likely to be scary or upsetting for anyone, these will be mentioned in the FAQ below.

How will we be seated?

This show has standard theatre seating – rows of benches facing the stage. There will be up to 90 people watching the show (sometimes more if you come when there are school groups).

Can children join in?

Questions and ideas are taken from the audience throughout and children can put their hands up to speak, or shout answers out together. There are two points in the show where the performers will ask for volunteers to come on stage. At the end of the show, the whole audience are taught a song to sing together. The audience stay in their seats while watching, but you can leave and re-enter the auditorium at any time.


Is there anything that might be scary?

As the show is about animal conservation, it does cover habitat loss and poaching. Serious messages are delivered alongside success stories and fun and laughter, aiming to leave the audience feeling that there are positive things they can do to make a difference.

Is the show difficult for younger children to follow?

Younger children may not follow all the dialogue on stage or the verbal interaction, since a lot of the content is designed to work well with KS1 and KS2 science curriculum, looking at characteristics of animal groups, habitat and habitat loss.

About the Company

Jasmine Orchard and Lucia d’Inverno met when training at Circomedia: center for contemporary circus and physical theatre and have since trained in clowning with Ecole Phillipe Gaulier. Both artists bring to the company their experience from working in a variety of educational settings which has highly informed their practice in creating work for young audiences. With their separate careers in acting, puppeteering, directing and producing they have come together to form Scarlet Oak Theatre, a company committed to making theatre that is equally accessible and engaging for children and their grownups.


Puppetry design and director – Marc Parrett
Composer – Sam Welch
Videographer – Dave Pomphrey
Photographer – Rowan Virgo

Performed by Jasmine Orchard and Lucia d’Inverno

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