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Lottie, the Travelling Doll

16 Aug–18 Aug 2024

A String Theatre Production

Aimed at ages 5-11

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£14.00 Adult £12.00 Child (age 1-17)

All tickets £8 on Fridays at 4.45pm

Running Time:  approx. 50 minutes.

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At Little Angel Studios

Sebbon St, London N1 2EH

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Lottie, a brave and curious doll, gets carried away by a gust of wind and embarks on a journey around the world. Her first postcard to Sophie reads:

“I am sorry for the manner of my leaving but I am not sorry that I left. The weather was so fine for the time of the year, I couldn’t bring myself to go back inside and I knew that if I didn’t leave at that exact moment, I might never go, I might never see the world. I am a doll after all and dolls don’t have the same freedom that people do. When an opportunity presents itself, they must take it, and speedily.”

Inspired by an event that happened in Franz Kafka’s life, the production follows Lottie’s adventures to find her own path, exploring the themes of identity, friendship and freedom.

Age Guidance

Lottie the Travelling Doll is aimed at ages 5-11. Our shows for this age group have storylines that can be followed by children from around age 5. They work for a wide age range and there will be elements to engage the older children, and adults, in the audience, for example music, puppetry techniques, more complex ideas, language or humour. Children under the recommended age can often enjoy the visuals but may not follow everything, and may not stay engaged. If the show contains any parts likely to be scary or upsetting for anyone, these will be mentioned in the FAQ below.

How will we be seated?

There will be mats on the floor, and rows with soft blocks and chairs behind this. We encourage children to sit on the mats for the best view of the stage. There will be up to 70 people watching the show.

Can children join in?

This isn’t an interactive show, but we always welcome vocal responses from young audiences. The audience stay in their seats while watching, but you can leave and re-enter the auditorium at any time.

Is there anything that might be scary or upsetting?

There is a dramatic moment when a crab is fished by a fisherman and the doll is left alone on the beach. She is then grabbed and thrown in the water but is saved by her friend the kite.

About the Company

String Theatre are a London-based touring company that presents long string marionette productions in a custom-built stage with bridge. This form of puppetry consists of the creation of a world where the marionettes become the main characters on stage and the puppeteers are out of view, operating from a standing position on the bridge. The lack of human presence on stage allows the artists to transform a small space into a new world with its own sense of scale and depth.

Stan Middleton – Founder
Third generation marionettist from the Puppet Theatre Barge (London), he has worked with the Little Angel Theatre and toured internationally with Paper Cinema. He is a tutor at The Curious School of Puppetry.

Soledad Zárate – Founder
Trained as a marionettist at the Puppet Theatre Barge in 2007 and co-founded String Theatre in 2011. Since then, she has created six productions featuring string and shadow puppets.


Concept- Soledad Zárate
Director – Mikel Fernandino Hernández
Voiceover artist – Sadhbh Marshall-Coghlan
Music and sound – Jimmy Sheals
Piano intro – Jessie Maryon Davies
Postcards writer & voiceover director – Caitríona Ní Mhurchú
Voice recording engineer – Niall Toner Jr Animation: Chloe Rodham
Light design – Alfonso Lázaro
Glove puppets – Mikel Fernandino Hernández Marionettes: Soledad Zárate
Shadows – Jess Shead
Prop maker and outside eye – Raúl García
Marionette movement – Stephen Mottram

Performed by Alfonso Lázaro, Jess Shead, Soledad Zárate

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All tickets £8 on Friday at 4.45pm